Sizes & Styles

EcoFelt Grow Bags are available in a range of sizes and styles to suit most any growing requirement and plant.  


Dimension: 15 x 18cm     Volume: 4 Litre

Dimension: 20 x 18cm     Volume: 7.5 Litre*

Dimension: 25 x 22cm     Volume: 11 Litre

Round with Handles

Dimension: 30 x 24cm     Volume: 19 Litre*

Dimension: 35 x 27cm     Volume: 27 Litre

Dimension: 40 x 29cm     Volume: 38 Litre*

Dimension: 45 x 34cm     Volume: 56 Litre

Dimension: 51 x 39cm     Volume: 75 Litre*

Dimension: 61 x 42cm     Volume: 113 Litre

(NB: Dimensions are shown as diameter x height)

Rectangular with handles

Dimension: 38 x 28 x 20cm     Volume: 22 Litre

Vertical Wall

4-Pockets (Small)  Dimensions: 15 x 15cm each     Volume: 3.5L     Overall Size: 60 x 20cm

4- Pockets (Large) Dimensions: 23 x 26cm each     Volume: 6L        Overall Size: 94 x 28cm

7-Pockets (Large)  Dimensions: 14 x 23cm each     Volume: 4.5L     Overall Size: 100 x 25cm

Horizontal Wall

4-Pockets (Small)  Dimensions: 15 x 15cm each     Volume: 3.5L     Overall Size: 20 x 60cm


* Available in both BLACK and TAN colour